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Hop2it Membership is FREE to Join. To join Hop2it’s Australian Trade & Property Exchange you need to REGISTER. To access our Registration Form there is a “Register” menu item above. Registering is easy as we only require you to enter an Introduction or INTROCODE to allow Members to introduce other new Members. We will require your Name, Email, Mobile Phone and then we ask you to set-up a Password and a PIN. Its that easy!

Importantly, Hop2it is a membership based Trade Exchange and for security of all Members, we require you to be introduced by another active Member. You need to either be sent a LINK from another Member, OR, if you do not know another Member, apply to Hop2it Admnistration be entering the IntroCode, HOP2IT, into your Registration Form. If you have any problems, enter your Name and Email Address into the Contact Us Form below or on the Footer of any page and we will contact you to assist.

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Global Trade & Property Exchanges

Hop2it has operated internationally since 2013. In January 2020 we opened our Australian Trade Exchange. Our Trade & Property Exchanges offers Members an array of services not seen in Trade or Barter Exchanges anywhere in the world. Our Members can trade for goods and services at the point of sale or participate in Export Trades which can be conducted in any combination of Trade Dollars and fiat Cash from any mobile phone or online.


Our Trade Exchange network is commodity and centric and operates globally using US dollars as our default currency. Regional Trade Exchanges are Property centric and use Trade Dollars aligned to local currencies transparently for taxation and other reporting purposes. Welcome to what we believe is a leading-edge trading platform designed to disrupt traditional fiat cash trading and provide members with socioeconomic alternatives to enhance their businesses, personal lives and those of their families. International export trade is an important part of Hop2it’s Trade Exchange business. With the assistance and local knowledge provided by our Regional Trade Exchanges, Wealth Centres and Trade Brokers, the company has developed relationships with manufacturers of attractive and in-demand products for export into populous countries such as China, the Sub-continent and the USA. Hop2it “cut its teeth” in export product sourcing and sales since the ’90s which can be seen at www.fatg.com.au. Our Regional Trade Exchanges and Trade Brokers (Black Opal status Members) are instrumental in developing strong relationships with local point of sale (POS) merchants who desire these products from our Merchants (Gold status Members) as well as our own manufactured Murrumbooee range of high-quality gourmet food and soon a range of Hemp-based clothing and Surfwear products.


We have developed our own innovative, effective and successful range of eCommerce and mCommerce products and services enabling our merchant’s commercial enterprises to:


• Attract greater customer traffic from our Hop2it membership.
• Make more sales by accepting Digital Trade Dollars as a “smart loyalty” tool.
• Improve profits by retaining fiat cash and using digital Trade Dollars.


In addition to our “smart loyalty” technology, our 2it™ branded Trade Tokens and Digital Trade Dollars are an exciting set of non-cash payment tools and products that combines the convenience and benefits of Trade Dollars, with the practical day-to-day features of a Cash Rewards Discount Program that enhances our Members ability to “Buy, Sell and Trade” real property, boats, cars, recreational vehicles, watercraft and aircraft along with all kinds of food, general goods, and services both in-shop and online. This safe and effective “private currency” provides transaction safety with added cash retention and heightened profits for Hop2it merchants. Hop2it operates as a facilitator between Buyers and Sellers and provides electronic and advertising services within our own Hop2it Trade Stores, online Malls and Markets. Within our capacity to support global multi-currency expansion, we anticipate attracting over $2 billion in the listed property for sale, as well as boats, cars, planes, and other valuables; truly, we are a “One Stop Shop” to enhance any business profits, sales, and cash savings.

Hop2it Trade Stores - Buy & Sell Anything

Members can buy and sell goods and services from business Members in Hop2it’s Trade Store. Members can sell in Trade Stalls provided in the Trade Store and accept digital Trade Dollars and Cash for goods or discount sales using Hop2its exclusive Trade Points. Hop2it’s Australian Trade Exchange breaks new ground in Members Trading.


Members can access their account 24/7 online or via their mobile/cell phones as seen below and where their account resembles standard Internet Banking but with rich smart loyalty and other Members services and support built within our Hop2it non-banked environment. A powerful feature of Hop2it’s Trade Stores which appear in Members Account Dashboards and are managed to provide only products that are both legal, compliant and that can be delivered to members/customers within that region.

Our Affiliate Programs

An Export Trade Associate Program and a leading-edge matrix-based online game style Affiliate Program are offered to members to graphically represent Sales Volume (SV). Members can use business tools to set up a Sales Team to sell Hop2it products for sales commission. From Export Trade Units to high-quality food and CBD products, we have a wide variety of products to sell to create leveraged income for our Members, now in over 20 countries world-wide.

Global Export & Import Trades

Hop2it operates international trades in high-quality food products from Australia and the USA to populous countries such as China and the Sub-content. Infant Formula, Seafood, Poultry, Meat and Game are all exported by our export trading company. All Members can participate in Export Trading by purchasing our Export Trade Units from as little as USD$25.00 per Export Unit.

Regional Wealth Centres

As a part of our international expansion we are opening Hop2it Wealth Centres. We have opened our first Hop2it Wealth Centre in West End, a suburb in the city of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. From this Centre, we have commenced the provision of a range of Australian Financial Services Licensed products and services as well as manage our Broker and Trading Desks in support of our Members trades. Wealth Centres are being franchised on a country-by-country basis and we are seeking new Brokers to operate virtual Trading Desks linked to a regional Hop2it Wealth Centre. Hop2it Brokers traditionally come to us from a Fintec background.

Hop2it Trade Broker Desks

From Wealth Centres we are providing trained Trade Brokers who provide support to business Members offering goods and services for trade sales to conserve their fiat cash. From Trading Desks our Brokers offer opportunities for trade, exports, investment, real estate, loans, shares and in all of Hop2it’s financial, trading and investment services.


The digital Trading Desks are online platforms for use by Trade Brokers to trade on behalf of Members listing their opportunities for trade and investment and they include Trading Desks for Container Trades, Businesses, Commodities, Members Shares, New Products, Real Estate Rentals, Real Estate Sales, Services, New Offers of Shares and Mortgages.


Members may list their own trade items on the Members Trading Desk.

Listed Property Funds

The Company is setting up and sponsoring a Listed Property Fund as a public company. The Company will capitalize on the Listed Property Fund with some of the funds raised from Private Offers, and keystone investors. The Property Fund is designed to issue a Prospectus and list on the National Stock Exchange (NSX) and the OTCB. Our objective is for the Company to hold 30-45% of the shares in the Property Fund.

The Property Fund focuses on the acquisition and management of income-producing properties without holding any long term debt or exposure to property development risks. Once listed, the Property Fund is designed to register consecutive prospectuses offering shares for sale at a combination of Cash/Trade Dollars. In this way, a value for Trade Dollars and 2its which are based on the conversion price to public company shares will be established in the market place. 2its can be swapped for Trade Dollars which can then be invested in listed shares. The Property Fund will commercially support the value of the Trade Dollars. The Property Fund will only offer shares for part cash/Trade Dollars when it has an immediate need for them to acquire properties or goods and services relative to properties so that the Property Fund will never hold Trade Dollars in its balance sheet. The Listed Property Fund is designed to pay regular franked dividends to attract retiree investors and provide solid safe income to Members.

Hop2it Trading Tools & Currencies

2it Digotal Trading Currencies


The Company has established 2its, which are used by the Company for trading, are intended to compete with other barter, loyalty reward, and cash-back programs. Hop2it sells the 2its to Trading Members who can then offer them to their customers as rewards for their shopping loyalty. 2its are transacted by any Members mobile phone or online.


Hop2it operates a number of other Trading Tools and Currencies as:-


Trade Points


These are the second class of 2its which can only be sold and traded by Traders. They can be swapped for Trade Dollars.


Trade Dollars


Digital Trade Dollars are a private multi-currency monetary system which is a Hop2it Trade Exchange issued dollar-denominated trade-credit which are called ‘digital trade dollars’, used globally by Hop2it Members in addition to fiat cash or credit. Trade Dollars are used to purchase goods and services, particularly high ticket items such as motor vehicles, boats and real property. Hop2it trading Members use trade dollars to conserve fiat cash in their businesses.