Container Based Commodity Trading

Container Based Trading

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As A Hop2it Member You Can Be A Commodity Trader

Our Export Rewards Trading Program

Hop2it Members that participate in our Export Rewards Trading Program earn up to 25% over 365 days. (initial purchase amount is included in daily earnings) Participating Members purchase Export Units, which are products, for as low as USD$25.00 to participate in a container based trade or Cultivation Grow of Hemp for wellness purposes through our US company or Hemp for food and animal feed managed by our Australian company.

Trade Unit purchases include and additional USD$25 worth of complimentary Trade Tokens, that can be cashed in through the token buy-back program which can push an active Members profit earnings up to 50% for their Trade Unit bulk buy.

⇒ Lean as a Hop2it Member, how you can discover how to set up an export earnings account and create a secure leveraged income structure that can earn you up to 50% per annum.

⇒ Leverage your time & money by creating additional income streams that can expand & grow whilst you are busy with other day to day business or family activities.

⇒ Technology advancements now allow participating Members to profit from Import / Export micro shipments, through our international Trade programs.


Earn 25%  up to 365 days by purchasing Hop2it Export Units for $25.00 each & receive an additional $50 in Trade Token earnings from Export Units of container based products.

+100% Bonus Token Buy-Back Program: Increase earnings by 100%. Every Export Unit purchase includes a complimentary amount of 25 Trade Tokens. 50% to 100% of all fees are made available to be used for buying back tokens “up to 25%” of you balance per week.
This can increase earnings by an additional 100%. Increase the buy speed of your Trade Tokens by also joining the Hop2it Affiliate Program.

+50% Bulk Export Unit Purchases: Increase earnings by 50%. Receive bonuses of up to 20% pushing earnings up a further 50% on top of what your already earning.

+5 Level Team Rewards: Additional earnings available, in the form of US$, Bitcoin & TradeTokens. Pays up to 40%

Token Buy-Back Program: Increase earnings by 100% Every Export Unit includes a complimentary amount of 25 Trade Tokens.

50% to 100% of all fees from Hop2 Wealth programs are made available, for buying back Trade Tokens. This can increase your earnings by an additional 100% taking your earnings from 200% to 300%.